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Technologies Sharing Ideas

We ensure organisations make effective use of technology

Can you be more specific?

Every company and situation is different, but we can:

  • Build you a mobile App

  • Integrate your back-end systems (Salesforce, SAP, CRMs, etc)

  • Provide a Data Migration

  • Help you move into the cloud. Or off the cloud. Or across clouds.

  • Reduce your cloud spend

  • Help you utilise your data, or create a data product

  • Advise your tech leaders

  • Coach and mentor your staff, or provide technical assessments for new hires or capabilities

  • Provide "enterprise architecture" services - ensuring you have the IT capability that's right for you

  • Provide due diligence, security and governance assessments

  • Utilise AI, blockchain or smart-contracts

  • Create a data strategy. Or solutions architecture. Or technical architecture.

  • Scale-up your teams or provide cross-functional specialist teams

That sounds like a lot - how do you do all this?


Our stated goal is to ensure technology is working effectively for you. We don't intend to be specialists in all these fields - but we know enough about them to provide balance advice. Just as you should "never ask a barber if you need a haircut", a specialist or consultant in technology X will offer you advice which involves technology X.

Having worked in technology for decades, we have pretty good "meta-cognition".  We know our own abilities, who the real experts are in the field and when to call them. Our aim is for you to get exceptional return-on-investment. Anybody can hit a target with a laser-guided missile, but it's not fit-for-purpose if all you needed was a sling-shot. 

What does Kind NOT do?

It's important to point out what we're NOT saying or NOT doing.


We don't claim to be "elite". We're not the brightest or even the best. We're resourceful, rigorous, transparent, friendly and helpful.

Kind is a company created with the single mission and focus to helping companies use technology effectively. Not to sell, or to be the biggest, or even with specific growth plans. We're aiming for 100% client satisfaction through helping our clients have a technical capability which is right for them -- one they can be proud of, and where their team enjoys coming to work to produce amazing results which everyone agrees is the product of their collective best effort.

If we're true to our mission, we should be able to bring new ideas to life, help grow the economy, and attract like-minded people who enjoy learning and using their skills and interests to help others solve their problems.

What's in it for Kind? How do you make money?

Like any successful business, we do need to charge for our services, be profitable, and reward our people.

We just prefer to do it by increasing the size of the pie - not taking a bigger piece of it. We work with you to assess the right allocation of time, money and people to solve the right problem.

We deliver value at every stage, starting from free assessment, and leave our clients better off at every stage, happy they've received excellent value for money. 

We're aiming for 100% client satisfaction.

Ok, but is this for me?

If you have frustrated teams, stalled projects, or are feeling overwhelmed by complexity or uncertainty, we're here to help. Even if you just have a gut feeling that things are taking a lot longer or costing a lot more than they should, we'd happy to listen and reflect.

Whether you're a CxO or junior hire, we can be that experienced friend who will listen and offer our perspective. The end goal is always that your company or team feels like they have super powers, everyone enjoys their work and the challenge, and can all agree that the end result is the product of everyone's best work.

we offer a clear, friendly, valuable service and we will always act in your best interests

we deeply care about, respect and listen to your people, teams and customers

we have a wealth of experience in data, software and delivery

we value our sincerity and transparency and always guarantee our results

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