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Our mission (what we do):

We help businesses leverage technology effectively. Getting IT right is difficult, and we want to give UK businesses the peace of mind that they're getting their projects delivered and a maximum return on their IT investment.

Our purpose (why we do it)

We are a collective of experienced and passionate people who simply want to use our skills to do meaningful and impactful work.

Rather than individual enterprise, product, data, software, cloud and mobile specialists all doing their own thing, we want first and foremost to solve the right problem, and solve it well.

Why you should use us

Kind has been designed from the ground up by the talented professionals you're used to paying a 25-50% overhead to an agency to hire.  We're the passionate people who are focused on service and solving the right problem first, using as little technology as possible to do it and do it right. 

This is all based on lessons learned from decades in the industry working for a range of clients and sectors:


You deserve to have experienced IT professionals who care about the success of their  projects and their business first, and treat technology as a means to that end.

What's more, we're focused on working with developer academies and institutions throughout the UK, helping people get started with a career in tech. This approach lets you dial-in the right skills needed to leverage technology to get your projects delivered while also providing valuable experience to those taking their first steps in industry.

We're helping deliver for you, and you're helping locations across the UK level-up and stay competitive. It really is win-win, because we designed it that way -- allowing people to use their skills to do impactful work.

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