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Our Name

Naming things is hard!  We choose "Kind" as it's clear that we're more about helping people than serving technology. We aim to be the "Ted Lasso" of tech services.

Also, nice people will tell you that you look nice. Kind people will let you know you have spinach in your teeth. We want to help provide the right environment for success - one where people don't have to be afraid to "confront the brutal facts", as that's what's needed to deliver great results.

"Kind" is also a little nod to a term in mathematical logic and computer science, where "kinds" are type constructors, as in "higher-kinded types".

Lastly, kind is also a great kubernetes tool which stands for "Kubernetes IN Docker". It's just a great name for what we do!

Our Principles

Be Kind

Give people the benefit of the doubt. You don't have to be a doormat - you deserve respect the same as everyone else. But you don't ever know what's going on in someone's life. 

Be Curious

Listen -- really listen -- not just to what people are saying, but what's behind what they're saying. Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. Try to phrase things as questions rather than statements. Instead of "it sounds like you'll need a time-series database", ask "are there reasons why we wouldn't use a time-series database in this instance?"

Be Focused

The reason we can boast exceptional service is that we first verify with stakeholders what matters to them - what their measure of success is. We then clarify a plan to deliver exactly that, followed by disciplined execution.

Be Helpful

Look out for opportunities to provide value. Could you provide an answer rather than just a link to site? Be one of those who will stick around to clean up after the party, or be present when things get difficult.

Have Fun

Remember to be happy. Consider your colleagues goals as well as your own. How can we best work together where it's a win-win for everyone, and we can just have a laugh whether we're tackling big problems or just knocking out some code? It's fun to build things, and even more fun to deliver results that people want.

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