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Why are we here?

Many people will have had the wonderful experience of volunteering somewhere while also perhaps feeling they could've made an even bigger impact -- that how they volunteered wasn't the best use of their time.

That feeling is a big part behind starting this project. When we're using our skills and talents in our day jobs, even in the very best cases, it's not completely altruistic. People are getting paid for their time (or ideally their outcomes, but that's not often how employment contracts are written). With titles, bonuses, career progression and deadlines, it just doesn't feel the same when you know everyone's there because they want to be.

When everyone's focused on the same goal, while also looking out for and including each other, there's just nothing else like it. It's just - fun!

That's what we're trying to do here. Our process is simple. We:

  1. Find the very best ideas - the change we want to see in the world which we can address using our skills.

  2. We then create a coalition of the willing - a fun and diverse mix of volunteers who each have their own goals and reasons for being here

  3. We do our best and have fun while delivering those results, while communicating and helping each others' goals in the process. Whether that's to learn, to mentor, or just to apply our skills towards while making new friends.

That's why Kind was created - to have fun building things. We are of-course a consultancy as well. After all, it would be amazing to be able to fulfil our vision of what great employment looks like and offer the next generation of talented practitioners employment. But like the open-source model of Apache Kafka and Confluent, we hope to do a lot of good for a lot of people (like Open Source and Kafka), and also be able to provide an excellent service to companies who need some help.

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