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Launching Lab 2!

We started these labs as a means to help people get into tech. They're open to anyone interested in getting into tech, while also helping to build actual, useful real-world applications... hopefully a win-win for everybody!

I've recently remembered my own education in Wisconsin, and how my high school teachers in both math (maths) and computer science basically cut me loose, letting me and some friends work at our own pace rather than follow the curriculum with everyone else. The result was that I was able to follow my interests, and looking back, was a significant contributing factor in choosing what I wanted to study.

Without those teachers - ones who were able to be flexible and trusting enough to let those of us just follow our own interests rather than a rigid curriculum or schedule - I wouldn't have had the amazing opportunities or even career I have.

The other thought which comes to mind is this scene from Good Will Hunting, where Will delivers the zinger "you dropped $150k on an education you could've had for $1.50 in late fees at the public library". In a similar way, if you want to learn how to build cross-platform apps (or analytics platforms, or other cool things with tech) in ways which benefit real people/problems, then I'm only to pleased to help and do it with you.

Put together, hopefully this and other labs will give people interested in learning, getting into tech, or just wanting to build things for fun the chance to do so!

So, if you're interested in learning, helping our, or just curious, then simply drop me an email ( and I'll get you added to our discord chat. The project itself can be found on github at

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