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People Gathering in a Meeting Together

A successful organisation has to not just get the right people, but provide the environment for them to flourish.


Do it right and everyone has the autonomy, mastery and purpose to use their creativity and skills effectively. They know how their efforts are moving the project forward, where to find the information they need, and support each other as part of a team.

Do it wrong and they will be setting each other back, doing performative, or frustrating each other as they work on vanity tasks. 

Organisation Consulting

Leaders in organisations are responsible for evolving the shape of the organisation and teams. Organising your people and teams effectively is perhaps the biggest single thing you can do to be competitive and move your company forward. We, together with our network of professions, can help as your sounding-board or "critical friend" in how to shape and evolve your organisation or strategic project. 

Leadership Coaching

The biggest impact here is from leadership - setting the culture for success using Marshal Goldsmith's "Stakeholder Centred Coaching" model.

We put in practice the methodologies as laid out in "What Got you Here Won't Get You There". In order to enact real change, your leaders need to enact the plan suggested by the leader's stakeholders using a third party coach.


We can help level-up your existing staff by providing mentoring services in areas such as dev-ops, cloud, software engineering, data engineering, data science. Individuals can use their training budget to help ensure they're practicing the skills to move your organisation forward and give the the career progression they're after.

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