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Sometimes people think they want a big screen television, but neglect to think about the sound system.

Offering software services can be a bit like that. People come looking for something -- project delivery, softwar
e engineers, a data capability, a mobile app -- but that may not give them the results they're looking for.

In the end, we want to be your go-to, no-brainer for the peace of mind that you're making effective use of technology. If you know exactly what you want, we can offer you that "buy it now" service. If you'd rather talk in high-level objectives, we help you work through those options. And if you're not even sure, we can help you work through that uncertainty in a friendly way.

We offer initial discovery services free of charge, and will always be transparent about costs. Similar to the financial services industry, we show you the potential value of your investment and our charges up-front to give you a no-pressure, no obligation perspective.

It's what we'd want ourselves.


Our Services

Each of these will differ based on your industry, existing IT capability (if any), and growth plans.


Data is the "new gold" but it doesn't have to be complicated - it essentially delivers you and your customers answers to their biggest questions, as well as potential insights or trends.

We can help with:

  • Data Science / AI
    creating "data products" (getting value from your data), finding patterns or insights, or optimising processes based on trends or usage

  • Data Engineering
    Ensuring data is accurate, timely, secure, and fit-for-purpose. This can include the "data lakes", "data warehouses", or data systems which underpin both data science and your systems, services

  • Data Strategy / Governance
    Ensuring clear ownership, change controls, data mastery, etc for the information both produced and consumed by your business - particularly in regulated businesses

  • Data Migrations
    Allowing you to upgrade or change software systems confidently or within acceptable tolerances.


The software systems which drive your organisation and engage your users. From features to licenses to your core business, there are many moving parts, and you want to innovate where it makes sense for your core business and leverage "off the shelf" everywhere else.  These services include:

  • System integrations
    Getting two systems to talk to each other while taking into account your access controls and security policies

  • Mobile and web applications
    Creating or adding features to mobile (iOS and Android) or web applications.
    From engaging end-user apps to internal admin or operator apps, there are many -- many -- technologies, languages, designs and considerations we can help you navigate

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    Making use of signals coming from the real world. From "digital twins" to camera recognition, this is an ever-expanding market



The ability to monitor, control and evolve your IT systems is crucial - it's either a value multiplier or a weight around your neck. We can help you with:

  • Security 
    ensuring your systems, data and policies are protected and you are compliant with regulations. Here we often turn to trusted partners, but we can help advise in this space

  • Observability
    The "single pane of glass" dashboards for monitoring the health and availability of your systems

  • DevOps
    An overloaded term, but essentially this is the ability to make changes quickly and confidently across test and production environments

  • Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, ...)
    Ensuring you're using the right cloud provider, leveraging it properly, keeping costs down, and able to innovate quickly


Things are constantly changing - your business, your competitors, the market, innovations, the economy. This is perhaps the biggest gain you will get from leveraging external consultancies - or at least ones who are thinking about your business, know your priorities, and can leverage a network of professionals to help.

We can help with:

  • Advisory services
    This can provide an "MOT" of recommendations on your capability. It is really tough "at the top", and important to be able to have confidential conversations with a critical friend who can help work through uncertainty, difficult decisions, and spot growth opportunities

  • Enterprise  Architecture
    A fancy way to say "intentionally designing your tech department in a way which makes sense for your business"

  • Mentoring
    Giving you access to the top-end specialists in the technologies and fields which matter to your business. A great investment in your people and way to spend your staff's training budget

  • Coaching
    "What got you here won't get you there". The right environment is crucial for people to be happy, trusted and free to innovate


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