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Idea Lab Proposition

Our labs are intended to be an open place for people to do interesting work on cool tech, hopefully to make a positive difference. They were created with the following value proposition:

Value For Kind

Kind Services is a limited company which provides digital services. We want to earn the right to an opinion on the technologies we use: how easy they are for new learners to pick up, learn and be productive. We want to test out new ideas, deliver valuable projects, and help the next generations of tech enthusiasts. We’re also keen to offer employment for a range of levels, and this is a great way to “try before you buy”. 


Value for Learners

We hope our objective-based learning offers tremendous value for people wanting to learn and demonstrate their tech skills. Beyond evidence for their own personal profiles, they gain valuable experience in a real-world scenario where teams rather than individuals are the delivery unit of work, and valuable real-person distributed learning.


Value for academies and schools

There are some really talented individuals coming up through various education systems - high schools, universities, academies and even self-study.


Our objective-based projects can hopefully complement those studies and offer a new perspective of real-life application. 


Value for volunteers

We absolutely love the new perspective such a diverse range of helpers bring. It can be very rewarding when you can help mentor and guide others new to your field or technology. Besides, we all have something to learn from others, and this can be a really fun way to just geek-out in your area of expertise (or outside it) with others to build something cool.


Value for organisations

Our labs can be a great way for your staff to evidence skills necessary for their own career progression. 


Value for the Tech Community

The edge of innovation is forever being expanded - new technologies, approaches, paradigms. We have the freedom to put these ideas to the test in real projects, and offer valuable feedback about how people find working with up-and-coming technologies, languages, tools or methods.

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