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How We Work

These are some of the most salient things we feel contribute to our success. 


Focused Delivery on What Matters

We take the time to identify what matters to all the stakeholders -- the return on investment for your CFO, the shift-left on security critical to your head of security, your team wants technology which delivers their vision. 

Our labs are for experimentation and testing things out. Our client work is always focused on the key objectives and indicators we've identified and agreed which really matter.

Technical Leadership

Our strong technical leadership is ultimately responsible for the delivery, which requires efficient organisation of information and clear communication to provide clarity to the team and maximise their impact. Each engagement is different, but our tech leads will always ensure we're providing an excellent service for the people we work with.

The Ability to Adapt

We start each engagement with a clear definition of the problem statement/value hypothesis, focus on what will add the most value, and then break that up into the smallest iterative steps which make material progress to deliver that value.

We want to ensure a great return on your investment. You don't need a PHD in data science to install WordPress - but you’ll want their advice if you’re planning a market-disrupting new data product.

Different projects have different needs - whether optimising for time-to-market, reducing uncertainty, clarity, efficiency, accuracy, runtime costs - the list goes on. As the project needs change we can adapt and act accordingly.

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